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Hosted login page is not displayed event with prompt: "login"

I am using react-native-auth0 module to support auth0 on android and iOS platforms.
Auth0 SDK being used has issues with browser session cleaning on android platform. Thus, I have been using “prompt: ‘login’” to force login everytime user request for login to system.

From past few days it stopped working without any changes being done in Auth0 dashboard.
Cleaning the cookies/cache of browser successfully launches the login page.
Issue is being faced on android and iOS platform as user can’t log-in if cookie exists in browser.

Please assist.

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Hi @akmishra
Thanks for reporting this. I think I’m seeing the same behavior on occasions. I will take this to the engineering team for further investigation.

Quick update on this: engineering found the issue and they are currently working on a fix.

Thanks for the update.

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The fix was deployed for free tenants yesterday, and should arrive to production tenants today after 1PM UTC.

This incident if being tracked at