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Hello! I have been having a lot of fun with Auth0 and Expo. I am using the Universal Log In page, but we have been running into quite a few issues. When signing up, it routes to the log in page, and then after logging in with proper credentials it goes to an error page on the app.

Hey there @jaymaas.dev, welcome to Auth0’s Community!

When you get a chance can you share any screenshots or more details with the errors you’ve been receiving. Also when you get a chance can you direct message me the tenant associated with the app? Thanks in advance!

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Right now my biggest issue is that on android devices I can not seem to find a way to wipe the token so that i can resign in users. Unfortunately I cannot get the results to reproduce. Now it is logging them right away.

Is there a way to get the log in page to not store a cookie ?

Also The last screen i shared commonly does not push back into the app. I experience this on both iOS and AVD

This seems to be a device specific issue within mobile devices native browser.

The issue here is that with android the native browser is not closing after the promise resolves

@James.Morrison I have provided some additional info. Give me a shout when you can thanks!

Hi there @jaymaas.dev, sorry for the delay in response.

Can you elaborate a bit more on this please when you get a chance. Which device specifically( models/versions )? Thanks!

The devices tested on are Pixel, Pixel XL, Samsung S10. Emulated Pixel tested as well.

Having an issue with the logout as well. Is it possible to arrange a call to help sort our production team out. We are developing an application and would like some assistance.

here is the code. We are building with Expo. This is inside a function that is called on the press event of a touchableOpacity

await WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync(http://key-conservation.auth0.com/v2/logout)

After reviewing the docs I am still unclear if I am understanding what is happening in the web browser with the Universal log in page. Is it storing a cookie with a refresh token? How is it able to log in anytime a user visits the universal login page? Looking forward to more communication, and would love to see a solution to the web browser automatically closing after authentication on an android device. Thanks!

On Android platform as well when the Sign Up is performed throught the universal log in page, it does not always silent log in

After bouncing this against a senior engineer, we were wondering if you could source some of the logs from the Auth0 dashboard when the error occurs? Are we seeing a failure captured within the logs? Is there a configuration file you can share via a Direct message? Thanks in advance!

When user goes to the Universal Login, after a successfully authentication we save the session in the Cookie that directly references the domain associated with it.

No we are just storing it in the Cookie with the domain.

This is based on the cookie’s domain.

We are building out a test example in our local instance. Can you provide us steps to reproducing this or possibly a repo example?

Supporting documentation:

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Hello James, thanks for getting back with me! I am going to write out how to reproduce what we are experiencing. I apologize in advanced for my inexperience with communicating these types of things, but with practice comes experience!

I will also include the code we are using to implement the log in with auth0.

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I have also just looked through the logs, and I am not seeing it track any of the issues described above.

The two biggest issues RN are specific to Android

-After signing up on the universal log in page, it redirects the user to the log in page. If the user tries to enter in the credentials used on the sign up page, it returns with an error page from the auth0 domain (will capture this in a screenshot). If the user closes the native browser instead of trying to authenticate on the log in page with the sign up creds, it allows for them to have access into the app (my thoughts behind this is that the browser window is not being closed effectively, and the access token is being passed down after sign up, which i believe is called Silent log in?

-After logging in with creds, the user has to close the native browser by clicking the X in the left corner. On iOS the browser closes automatically.

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