Ability to provide organization name during Authorization Code Flow

Problem Statement

We are building a multitenant system, where authentication is based on Auth0 and every tenant is an Auth0 organization. The frontend is implemented in React and is using auth0-react for authentication needs. Our Auth0 client/application is configured to display organization prompt by default. During the login flow our end users have to provide their tenant name (that is, type it in the organization prompt).

We want to improve login experience for customers that connect 3rd party IDPs (for example, their own Okta) to our Auth0 by providing them a bookmark URL that can be used in their Okta SSO portal. Ideally, this URL should sign-in authenticated end users in our app without additional prompts.

This looks feasible. However, at this moment there is no way to send organization name in Auth0Provider properties - primarily because this is not supported by Auth0 server in authorization code flow (as stated by React SDK devs in this GitHub issue).

Proposed Solution

Ideally, we would like to see Auth0 server being enhanced to accept organization_name attribute, which will allow us to skip organization prompt in a way similar to what organization attribute does today.

Available Alternatives

There are a couple of alternatives that we thought about.

Option 1
We can send organization ID to make the flow work. This means that we will have to expose internal ID of the Auth0 organization, which corresponds to the customer tenant. This solution is prone to the future internal changes, system migrations etc, and will force us to maintain those IDs pretty much forever.

Option 2
We can expose an unauthenticated API that will provide name-to-ID mapping and will be used on the SPA side to convert tenant/org name to organization ID. This API will have to utilize Auth0 management API internally - which in turn is subject to Auth0 rate limits. This means that we will have to implement own rate limiting, DoS protection etc.

Both alternatives introduce unnecessary complications to our systems. This feature would make our life much easier!

Woow! Thank you for providing such extensive context. Iā€™m gonna relay that to our product teams!

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