Device Auth Flow with Organizations

Looking to get clarity on how to pass in the Organization as part of the Device Auth Flow. When configuring a native application for device auth flow there is an Organization tab to enable organizations and it states “If enabled, Auth0 will prompt users to enter their organization name before logging in. If disabled, you need to send the Organization ID to Auth0 to display the appropriate Organization Login prompt.” We want to avoid the organization prompt (it does not meet our requirements) but it’s not clear how to “send the organization id”.

It seems as part of the flow it should be at the User Authorization stage using the “verification_uri_complete” but I don’t see any documented URL parameters or any guidance in the docs outside the fact that the Application settings for Organization seem to imply this is supported.

Clarity of how to accomplish this to avoid the organization prompt for users during the device auth flow would be appreciated.


Hi @joshcz,

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Organizations is not yet supported by Device Auth Flow. We have a backlog item for this, but there is no ETA at this time.

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