Invite users without the Organization Prompt?

I want to invite users to our B2B app instead of creating them as we do now. It looks like the Organizations feature enables this; that’s awesome! However, I don’t particularly appreciate that users need to type the organization name into the Organization Prompt during login. Is it possible to avoid that and use the standard login procedure with the same URL for everyone while also inviting users from auth0?

Hi @mellson,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community.

I understand that you have questions regarding the Organization Prompt when your users log in.

It is possible to avoid typing the Organization Name when your users log in. To do so, you will need to define your Organization settings.

Navigate to your Dashboard>Applications>YOUR_APP>Organizations>Organization Settings and switch off the Display Organization Prompt toggle and Save the changes.

By doing so, your application will no longer prompt for the organization name before logging in.

Meanwhile, you may find our documentation on defining the organization settings in your application useful:

Please let me know if there are any questions. I would be happy to help.


Hi @rueben.tiow

Thank you for the response, great to hear that it should be possible.

Some follow up questions:

  1. The page you’ve linked says that I need to pass along the organization id when not using the prompt. So if I model everything under one organization, I guess it would work. But if we create multiple organizations, we would need to send the users of each org to a version of the login where we already know their org id, correct?

  2. Using organizations, the password grant is not allowed making it hard to do automated testing of the frontend. Any idea when and if this will be available using organizations?

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Hi @rueben.tiow did you have a chance to look at the follow up questions? Thanks.

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Hi @mellson,

I’m sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, that is correct. You will need to authenticate the user through an organization with an organization parameter added to a call to the /authorize request.

At this time, there aren’t any plans to allow using Organizations with the Password Grant.

However, I believe others might share a similar desire for this feature. Because of this, would you mind putting in a feature request at Auth0 Feedback to get this feature prioritized?

Thank you!


No problem, thank you for the clarifications :clap:

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