Is it possible to include organisation prompt link in default login page?

Hi, Individual users and members of organisation both access my application. I want to include organisation prompt link in default auth0 login page. is it possible or any work around ?

I actually just reached out to Auth0 support a few days asking this. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. :frowning:

If you set the option to “Both”, you must programmatically pass the organization ID in the request to the /authorize endpoint. The only way to show the organization prompt to an end user is to select the “Team members of organizations” option, but obviously that won’t work for your use case (it prevents people from not being part of an org or things like self-service signup).


I have the same use case. I’d be ok with separate login buttons for individuals and org-members. For the latter, would the expected workaround be to build a form to capture the organization name and then lookup the organizationId by name via /api/v2/organizations/name/{name} and if success redirect to /api/auth/login?organization={id} (I’m using nextjs-auth0)?

Also, can someone confirm that I need to create a separate machine-to-machine auth0 app in order for my Next.js server-side to access the Management API, given that an organization-enabled app can not use client credentials to access the Management API?