Support/Replace Organization prompt screen with "choose organization" during login

The current solution has friction as it requires users to remember their organization name exactly, in addition to their login credentials.

A cleaner solution would be for the user to enter their email address and be presented a list of organizations they are part of. Selecting one of them would then continue the process on the organizations login screen.

The majority of SAAS offerings used for B2B with organization/tenant segregation work like this. Outside of Auth0 I’ve never seen anything that requires me to type in an organization name and I see the friction in the process at present as a flaw in the implementation.

It would be great if this can be addressed.

Hi @mike.hancock I agree. We plan to release something very similar to what you’re describing in the future.


Thanks for following up on that Adam!

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Thanks @adam.housman

Any ETA on when we can expect more detail on that release and a possible release window?

Not currently @mike.hancock.


We’ll let you know once it’s there!

Any updates on a possible release date?


Up up, We need this too~


Thanks for adding your +1s!


How its going with this feature ? It’s very very usefull and I need it as soon as possible! Thanks for all to everyone :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Unfortunately still no public information on that front

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Do we have any screenshot of design or demo video? :joy:

Having the user pick from a list of organisations is way more logical to me than having them enter an organisation-name. Adding this feature would be greatly appreciated.


Any news regarding this feature?

Yes, the Organization Prompt is not user friendly at all. People have already trouble remembering their credentials.
While a solution is being built by Auth0, is there a workaround or alternative solution?

Hi @Roland1

Were you able to find a temporary work around to this? If yes, would it be possible to share details on how you managed to do that?