Support/Replace Organization prompt screen with "choose organization" during login

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Hello. @adam.housman, is there any schedule update on this development? We are really very interested.

Hi @logoff we are currently targeting Feb - Apr 2023 timeline. Note that the design and timing is subject to change.


Hi @adam.housman, is there any way that this change could also skip the organization prompt if the user only belongs to one organization?


Welcome to the community @michael.dormann. This is exactly how it will function - if the user has one-and-only-one organization membership the Org Picker will not be displayed, the user will be redirected to the application with the appropriate organization in their id/access token.

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Thank you for the update. Very eager to have this in our hands.
Especially number 2 is appreciated, but all have their use cases.


@adam.housman thank you for the update, we also need this ASAP and would be willing to beta test. Please feel free to reach out directly.

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We also need this asap, happy to beta test

Are there any updates? We need this for our customers ASAP.

We need this as well. Any updates to #2? Org picker?

Hi All,
Providing an update on the item on our Roadmap - Identifier First Login with Organization Selection:
Target is now Q2 (May-July) 2023.

I recommend keeping up to date with product updates by subscribing to the Auth0 Changelog


Hey Nathan,

Thank you for the update. Is there or will be a beta offering we could possibly sign up for this feature?



Hi all,

I’m pleased to share the news that this feature has now got a General Availability Target Date - 28th June 2023

Please note that this date may be subject to change, however, its great news to see this has now got a date we are working towards.

I’m not aware of a beta offering at the moment but will report back here if I see anything.


We would be happy to participate in the beta if possible

Very much looking forward to these! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help with the release.

Looking forward to the release of the organization prompt feature. I do have one question though.

Will this feature support Automatic User Migration?

Hey there @nathan.jenkins !

Do you have any further info on that front? Thanks!

Hi all, quick update.

The target date for this feature is still the 28th of June (as mentioned previously, this is a tentative date). I’ll provide an update on this thread if I see any changes.

There is no Beta or Early Access for this feature (but thank you for all the interest!), and our testing has already begun earlier this month.

Hi @eric.gaberik , Automatic User Migration is in our backlog and not yet on our product roadmap, this FAQ page here explains a work around - Assign Users to Organizations after auto-migration from Custom Database


Awesome news! @nathan.jenkins

A majority of users will only be a apart of one organization. Will this update show a drop-down when a user has more than one org and nothing at all when the user is only a part of one org? That way a user doesn’t have to worry about org name at all if they are only a part of one org?

Hi @justin.chitla ,
From what I understand, during the login flow, the user will only be prompted to choose an org if they are part of more than one.
So for a user with just one org this additional step will be skipped and they will log straight into the application :+1: