Ability to provide organization name during Authorization Code Flow

@aaron.hardy : I understand the user story behind the feature you posted. Very nice, BUT:

There are people who implement their own “organization choosing” dialog/mechanism and you could help them with a simple parameter. Instead you implement a whole dialog …?!?

Of course there is another option:
Allow that users can set the organization id at organization creation.

I understand that the organization name might be something “not-technical” for you, so maybe you do not like that we put OUR technical tenant id in you human readable organization name. If the technical organization id could be defined by us, we could build the mapping in there.

Just a thought…

I still think it is very uncomfortable, that you generate IDs by yourself and then expect every other system to know it and do their own mapping. This mapping should happen in auth0 and I should be able to call you with my tenant-ID (regardless of whether it is stored in organization id or name at auth0).


Is there any update on whether organization_name will be supported as a query parameter?

On a related topic, am I correct that universal login identity first feature with the enterprise Home Realm Discovery only works once in context of an organization? Seems to be the case from my experimenting, if I try to authorize without any organizationId parameter and identity first enabled then receive an error that there’s no organization parameter.

We would find the usage of the organization_name parameter extremely useful as well in our use case. Any update with regards to whether this is an Auth0 roadmap item along with its progress and potential release date would be much appreciated.

I am struggling with the same problem. Terribly annoying that Auth0 does not allow quick and easy use of org_id during Authorization Code Flow.

Is such functionality planned at all and when?

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