Support/Replace Organization prompt screen with "choose organization" during login

Do we have any screenshot of design or demo video? :joy:

Having the user pick from a list of organisations is way more logical to me than having them enter an organisation-name. Adding this feature would be greatly appreciated.


Any news regarding this feature?

Yes, the Organization Prompt is not user friendly at all. People have already trouble remembering their credentials.
While a solution is being built by Auth0, is there a workaround or alternative solution?

Hi @Roland1

Were you able to find a temporary work around to this? If yes, would it be possible to share details on how you managed to do that?

Hi all, we’re currently in development for a few capabilities that relate to the asks in this thread. At a high-level, the updates will be as follows:

  1. Integrate Organizations with Identifier-First Login flow, such that end-users can log-in to a generic application login prompt (as opposed to having to find or be directed to an Organization-specific login prompt).
  2. Support the existing Home Realm Discovery behavior so that a single user with multiple organization memberships can first be authenticated, and then optionally select from the organizations that they belong to before being redirected to your app with the appropriate org_id in their claims.
  3. Introduce the ability to associate an email domain with an Organization, to support your larger business customers who may have users with email addresses that share the same email domain but are expected to authenticate using different IdPs.

We’re planning to begin rolling out these capabilities early next year. Note that the design and timing is subject to change. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for sharing @adam.housman!

Thanks Adam, sounds good at a high level. If you are interested in early feedback on the experience, please let me know.

As we will be initially restricting users to just one Org, we will attempt to use an Auth0 post-login action with the management API to get the organisation that a user is a member of. Then add the Org ID as a claim (perhaps we need a custom namespace?). This will work for us in the short term until we open up more sophisticated cross-org access.


Thanks @adam.housman. We need every one of these things you’ve listed and are very excited to see them implemented.


Nice, thanks for sharing.

Hello. @adam.housman, is there any schedule update on this development? We are really very interested.

Hi @logoff we are currently targeting Feb - Apr 2023 timeline. Note that the design and timing is subject to change.


Hi @adam.housman, is there any way that this change could also skip the organization prompt if the user only belongs to one organization?


Welcome to the community @michael.dormann. This is exactly how it will function - if the user has one-and-only-one organization membership the Org Picker will not be displayed, the user will be redirected to the application with the appropriate organization in their id/access token.

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Thank you for the update. Very eager to have this in our hands.
Especially number 2 is appreciated, but all have their use cases.


@adam.housman thank you for the update, we also need this ASAP and would be willing to beta test. Please feel free to reach out directly.

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We also need this asap, happy to beta test

Are there any updates? We need this for our customers ASAP.

We need this as well. Any updates to #2? Org picker?

Hi All,
Providing an update on the item on our Roadmap - Identifier First Login with Organization Selection:
Target is now Q2 (May-July) 2023.

I recommend keeping up to date with product updates by subscribing to the Auth0 Changelog