Your certificate has expired!

We are using a custom domain at. When being directed to the main login page everything is fine but when a POST is made to /oauth/token it errors stating that the certificate has expired.

Hi @mark.hall,

This issue may in fact be related to a certificate expiry that took place today: DST Root CA X3 Expiration (September 2021) - Let's Encrypt

This issue can manifest for a few reasons:

  • if your server uses Let’s Encrypt
  • if you have Rules/Hooks on your tenant that make an API call to your server (that has Let’s Encrypt)
  • your tenant’s Rules/Hooks engine is on Node 8
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Hi @dan.woda,

Yes, one of our custom domains (Auth0 managed certificates) is using LetsEncrypt certificates. The other is using CloudFlare certificates. Is there any reason they are not consistent?


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