My application is getting a “CERT_HAS_EXPIRED” error when it calls the endpoint

I logged into auth0 and checked the certificate in the “Macine to Machine” to machine application (under advanced) but that certificate doesn’t expire until 2029.

Any other ideas?

I am also getting this error when trying to get the user data with the AuthenticationClient.getProfile with the auth0 node package - on the https://tenant.au.auth0.com/userinfo

I wonder if this is due to their changes with the CAs they are using Introduction of Additional Certificate Authorities

I have checked and cannot find any pinning/fingerprinting of certificates in our system, wondering if it is a problem on their end?

@andrew24 I think there was a change in the CA issuing the auth0 certs today - we were running an older version of node - upgraded that and we are no longer getting the error (old versions of node have hardcoded CA list).

Maybe you have the same problem?

Yes. I updated node and that fixed it.