Wrong Icon for QuickBooks Online Social Connection

Auth0 is showing the wrong icon for QuickBooks Online connections on the universal login form.

This is a BIG problem because QuickBooks will not approve our application because the logo is wrong. Plus this is confusing for users.

Things I noticed:

  • The wrong logo appears whether we show the compact icon or the expanded “Login with QuickBooks”.
  • The wrong logo whether we use the old or new universal login experience.
  • We have not customized any social icon in the universal login template.
  • We have not customized anything related to the QuickBooks online social connection (other than client ID / secret obviously).
  • QuickBooks Online is a standard social connections and shows as such under Authentication > Social. However, under Applications > our Application > Connections tab, it appears as “quickbooks-online - Custom”. Not sure where the Custom is coming from?

How do we fix this? Why does Auth0 display the wrong icon? Why does Auth0 think this is a “custom” social connection? You can see the outcome here:


Hi @dominicp ,

Could you try updating the icon_url by calling the Auth0’s Management API and providing the connection id?

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