Custom Icon for Social Extensions on Login Page

Hi, for custom social extensions that appear on the login screen.

What is the best way to add a custom “logo” and format the extension login?

Any insight is appreciated here, thanks again!

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Hi @techlink Welcome to Auth0 community.

Your questions sounds similar to this one answered here Custom social connection icon could you take a look and see if that solves your problem.


Thanks for the feedback, very helpful!

Let us know @techlink if that thread solved your struggle!

Hi @ashish @konrad.sopala quick question.

For the universal login - lock “passwordless” HTML section. Are there recommendations on where to place the custom code identified? Or does this have to be a “custom login”.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Thanks for the help here!

Hi @ashish @konrad.sopala any updates here?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks again.