Add Custom Social Connection logo to be used on new Universal Login

Add the possibility to add a logo for Custom Social Connection. This will allow the logo to be shown in the new Universal Login

Today, when we create a Custom Social Connection, there’s no place to add a logo.

So the logo that appears on the login screen is the auth0 logo.

I was able to create a workaround modifying the universal login page template and adding

._social-button-oauth2 *[data-provider^=oauth2] {
  background-image: url(https://image.png);

This worked for me in this case, but will not when adding a new button oauth2.

This will make it easier for the user to identify the custom connection and make it trust more on the login page.

PS: I am opening this feedback as was instructed in this thread.

Hi @jvieira,

Thank you for creating this feedback request!

Let’s hope it attracts as many votes as possible.

Have a good rest of your day!

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Seems like a really basic addition. I can’t understand why the developers implemented it without the possibility to change the logo.


+1 for this, I can not understand it too, why isn’t it a feature by default :thinking:


+1, please add it in new universal login

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+1. We need this also. thanks!

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+1 Really need this feature for the universal login to look production ready.

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+1. A simple addition IMO.

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Yea this is pretty bad not to have an option here. It could lead to a massive amount of custom work for something so simple. :exploding_head:

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+1. It will be really useful!

1+ Any news on this?

You can set it through API : Connect Apps to Generic OAuth2 Authorization Servers

If you are using terraform : Terraform Registry

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