New Universal Login: Custom Social Extension Icons / Picture

I have custom social connections and they use the default Auth0 iconography on the new universal login page. How can it be customized?

This question is similar to this thread:

But the new universal login page uses

var webAuth = new auth0.WebAuth(params);

Instead of

new Auth0Lock()

I’d like to be able to set the icon and displayName attribute for the custom social extension method.

Hey there!

I reached out to the Universal Login product manager and unfortunately there’s no way for now to customise icon and displayName for custom social connection.

Is there a way to customize this at all? From a UX perspective, it’s not great to have the default Auth0 icon next to your custom social connection, and being unable to format the name renders it pretty unpresentable.

For example, if my social connection name is TestCorp, or Test-Corp, the login page will render it as such, when I’d like it as “Test Corp”. I’m not able to use spaces in the custom social connection identifier.

For now unfortunately there isn’t any way to customise that using New Universal Login Experience.

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