Wrong email or password error

I have created some new accounts from within the Auth0 dashboard, but none of them are working.
After the new users verify their account when they try to login in they are all getting “Wrong email or password”

I have tried recreating them but it still happens.

I have added users in past without any issues.

I’ve attached the HAR file.

Any help would be appreciated.


auth0.auth0.com.har (4.8 MB)

Hi @mark.baldry,

Welcome to the Community!

Are you trying to login to auth0.com with users you created in your auth0 dashboard? That is what it looks like.

yes we are. we want to create users that can authenticate against our web app.

The auth0.com login page is for developers who want to create an auth0 dashboard admin account. Your dashboard admin will login in there to configure your applications, APIs, manage users, etc.

Your users will need to login to an application login page that is specific to your tenant. If you are completely new to this, I would start with one of our quickstart apps to get an idea of how everything works.

think you misunderstand.

we have users who have signed up for an Auth0 account so that they can authenticate to our website which is already setup to use Auth0 and is working for some of our users.

however this week when some new people have tried to create new accounts and then login to our site they are getting an “incorrect email or password error”.

This sentence makes me think they have signed up for accounts on Auth0.com, and then are trying to log in to {your_website}.com with the same credentials.

This is a generic error that will be returned whether or not an account exists.

Please DM me some emails this is happening to and the name of your tenant.