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wp-login redirects to the send email verification page.



When we create a new user it is being redirected to a page with a confirm email message and a login link.

However, when we go to that login page “wp-login”, it redirects again to the “confirm email message” in a few seconds, before I can enter my account.

Any ideas?


I could only reproduce that exact described flow when configuring the plugin as follows:

  • enable requires verified email toggle;
  • enable auto login toggle;
  • configure auto login method to point to the database connection associated with Wordpress.

With the above if I perform a signup and then on the page that shows the confirm email message I click login again then I indeed get back to the original page, however, that is expected in this situation because I enabled automatic login and technically the signup means a new login operation can complete automatically without requiring input of user credentials since the signup established an authenticated session.

If you consider that you did not yet verify the email address of the new user and you required email verification then showing the email confirmation message again is not unexpected. If I verify the email address and click login again then I do get properly authorized and the Wordpress home page is shown with my user. If you’re getting the situation described in a completely different scenario then you need to update your question with additional details and exact steps to reproduce the situation.