Click login/signup for the 2nd time before email was verified

on my web app, in a bad flow, the user signup, but hasn’t clicked the validation email.
then clicks on login for the 2nd time, maybe because the email he use was wrong, or he deleted the validation email by mistake.
the hosted site, still keeps a cookie and will imminently redirects the user back to my application.

is there a way to change this behavior, and provide some functionality to signs up with a different email or provide the functionality to re-send the validation email?

Hi @shay,

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You can force email verification in a rule as described here: Force email verification

The user will be redirected to your application with an error in the URL query params.

example: http://YOUR_APP_URL/?error=unauthorized&error_description=Please%20verify%20your%20email%20before%20logging%20in.&state=123abc%3D%3D)

Your application can display a user-friendly error message based on the error.

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Hi @stephanie.chamblee,
I was expecting a hosted form with options to resend the verification email and use another email, in case the user entered the wrong address.

we ended up implementing those ourselves.


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