Automatic login after Force email verification

Is it possible to provide users the ability to automatic login after clicking on verify-email action?

Details: We have some SPA on Vue and verify-email end-point and for Verification Email (using Link) we using simple

Verify my email address

Also, using the “Force email verification” rule

function emailVerified(user, context, callback) {
  if (!user.email_verified) {
    return callback(
      new UnauthorizedError('Please verify your email before logging in.')
  } else {
    return callback(null, user, context);

So, the problem is user after clicking on the “Verify my email address” link should enter the email and password again…

Some part of routing redirections:

302 https://……#
server_redirect temporary …/verify-email?supportSignUp=true&supportForgotPassword=true&message=Your%20email%20was%20verified.%20You%20can%20continue%20using%20the%20application.&success=true&code=success#

200	https://...../verify-email?supportSignUp=true&supportForgotPassword=true&message=Your%20email%20was%20verified.%20You%20can%20continue%20using%20the%20application.&success=true&code=success#	

....client_redirect	javascript


The main idea. The user already entered the email + password on the registration form. Got an email, clicked on verify email, and redirected on our SPA without entering email+password twice.

Hi @ghjuth,

In short, the user should already be logged in if the verification email is opened in the same browser, otherwise this isn’t possible at the moment.

Here is a thread with more details about it.

You could use our new feature request category to formally request this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: .