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Auth0 Email Verification Automatic Redirect Not logging in

So I’m having this problem with email verification. Without setting the email verification rule, people can make a fake email and gain access to the parts of my app that they should only be able to use if they have a verified email.

The problem with the verification rule - it doesn’t give any message to the user. It just redirects them back to the callback page without logging them in and console logs a message.

Is there a way to keep them on the login page and display the message there?

Hi there! I apologize for the delay in a response, I’m looking into this for you. Once I have something I’ll be sure to let you know!

After confirming with our support team, this is not possible out of the box. However what you can do is leverage Auth0.js and create a custom login page and bubble up the message to the user there. You also have the option with Redirect Rules to redirect to another page and generate the message to the user there. Please let me know of ether of these help you in your quest. Thanks!

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