Working with a production/staging environment setup in

I have my Bubble app connected via the API connector plugin to Auth0. It works and I am using it both for login and as well to authenticate into an API we developed. Currently it is wired to only see the staging environment.

Bubble has 2 versions it calls live and version-test.
Currently both connect to staging. I want to set it up so the test environment connect to the staging env. in auth0 and live connects to production.

I have it working in a test, outside of one option. I have the live and dev keys input and they are switching as expected. However, it isn’t getting the token back in the staging environment because I can’t point the variable I highlighted at two places in Bubble’s interface (you can see above where I declare an environment variable and I can adjust which tenant api I am calling at auth0 this way - and that works). I just can’t map a variable to the next call there, it doesn’t offer the option. Is there anyone in here that is familiar enough with this to offer some ideas as to how I might get this done?

Hi @mc3

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It sounds like you’re experiencing a rather specific integration challenge between Bubble and Auth0. While I can provide some general guidance regarding Auth0, the Bubble environment’s nuances, especially concerning the API connector plugin and environment variables, might be better addressed by the Bubble community and documentation.

Given the intricacies of your setup, I’d highly recommend checking the Bubble documentation for any insights related to the API connector plugin and how it manages environment variables. Additionally, the Bubble forum is an invaluable resource, with a community of experienced Bubble developers who might have encountered similar challenges or can provide unique insights tailored to Bubble’s platform.

If you have any Auth0-specific queries or need further assistance, please let me know. I’m here to help!


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