Recommended way to setup development / staging / production environment?


I’m developing an application where several developers run the application, we also have a “dev” environment a “staging” environment and a “production” environment.

So in the end we have 4 environments:

  • local ( always HTTP localhost )
  • dev ( https not localhost )
  • staging ( https not localhost )
  • production ( https not localhost )

I’m wondering what’'s the recommended way of dealing with such enviroments.

Shall I create multiple auth0 accounts one for each environment?

Currently I have tried using my Auth0 account on local and dev environment but I’m under the impression that auth0 dashboard have all the users / roles / permissions set “globally” among all the “Applications” i create?

I’m still a bit confused with Auth0 so apologies for such confused / basic question.

Hey @kokonuts, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

We have a following article on setting up multiple environments:

Have a look and let me know if this helps to clarify your concern.


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