Working progressive profile demo using SPA SDK

TL;DR - Does anyone anywhere have a working example of progressive profiling up with example rules used etc. to collect one ore more custom fields?

Attempting to find a working example of progressive profiling has been quite challenging. Between the non-working examples posted by Auth0 using no longer available resources (, hosted pages in the dashboard etc. I feel like I’m attempting to work within a platform that is in the middle of finding or re-inventing itself or dying all together.

What I’m attempting to do, boiled down, is to redirect a user after first sign-on to a page that we host where we can capture additional information. Here is what I’ve found so far:

  1. This can be done for both DB and social login as long as I use rules, not hooks.
  2. Once the information is collected, I pass them to /continue with the un-mutated state I received. This is my big hang-up currently. If the state reference can’t be updated, can calls to the management API (or something) be made on a user that hasn’t successfully created an account?

This demo (found on Auth0’s own progressive profiling guide) fails: however if this guide was re-created using an actual working approach today, I believe it would have met our needs. Any ideas where I could find something similar?

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Fair enough. I would recommend you check out Explanation there is more concise and clear on how to implement. Only confusing bit is the webtask since you can’t create new ones anymore. However as mentioned in the docs webtask is just one way to host and tbh what that webtask does can simply be just part of your current application.

For what it is worth I just recreated the webtask as a simple node webapp with minimal change to the code and deployed it to Heroku. Please refer to my sample here and README for step by step instructions if you are interested.


Thanks a ton @ashish!!!

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Glad we were able to help @staying_tuned!

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