How to implement Progressive Profilling in auth0

Hi All,
I need to implement progressive profiling at auth0. Anyone already done this or suggest some points will be highly appreciated.

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Hey @rashid779939 have you looked at our docs on progressive profiling ? Let us know if the docs are helpful or not

I do have look on it. Would you please explain the following things.

What are these value for this page?

1 Like is a Serverless technology that allowed you to host api or webapps. Prior to 17th July 2018, any auth0 tenant that was created used to get a webtask account by default as well. However is not accepting new user signups now.

Now, as the note preceding to that says However, using webtasks is just one way of implementing and deploying the webpage; any HTTP server that provides the same behavior will work. so the concept of redirecting to a separate page (either hosted by or your own server) for progressive profiling is the same. I’ll be reaching out to auth0 docs team to update that document to make it more generic.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks that help.
But i have one more query. When i will redirect flow to another server which is hosting that input web page. How i will update those input fields in auth0 profile. I mean if i take fisr name and last name on that hosted page, how i will update these input fields in auth0 profile?

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@ashish The demo serves no other purpose than to describe a possible approach. The actual example itself is even down.

Is there a WORKING example of progressive profiling anywhere today?

Rather than make it more generic, please have them post an actual working example.

cross posting this here in case it is useful Working progressive profile demo using SPA SDK