How to build Extensions - is WebTask framework available?

Hi, we are implementing an auth0 project and we need to build additional screens for the user registration flow. We already defined the solution and we are going to use a post-login action to redirect the user to an ad-hoc set of pages that will manage the complex / additional profiling process.

In order to keep everything in Auth0 we identified thirdparty/custom extensions based on the webtask framework as our way to achieve the objective.

Unfortunately seems to be gone and we need to understand if extensions are still supported / going to be supported for this kind of native extension to the auth0 platform.

The other option would be to identify an external runtime / appserver / cloud service where we deploy our custom application.

Our expectation is to be able to exploit the Auth0 platform but the current documentation center appear to be missing a lot of information.

The question is: How do we develop an extension based on webtask framework and where can we find the relevant information & documentation ?

Hi @daniele.vistalli,

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That is correct. Webtask is no longer available for public use, and you will need to find an external provider to host your signup page application.

This could be any cloud provider, i.e. AWS, Azure, etc.

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