Questions on webtasks included with auth0 subscription

When you navigate to it states:

The Auth0 rules engine uses underneath. We opened up the webtask container so you can build apps and extensions on top of webtask. This is included for free for a limited time as part of your Auth0 subscription.


  1. Do webtasks invoked in an auth0 account container have the same soft limit as a free acount?
  2. What does limited time mean? Does it mean that if we utilize a webtask via this method now, we might be charged for it later? Or will they remain free for anyone who initially had them for free with their auth0 account?

Basically, we want to know: can we utilize the webtasks included with our auth0 subscription in production without being caught by surprise later?

I can provide an answer to the first question which is that indeed, to my knowledge, the same soft limits would apply to those custom webtasks. For the second question I would recommend you to contact sales; there is a talk to sales option at the top of the pricing page.