Webtasks for Limited Time on Free Plan

I have a question regarding this message on Webtasks tab in Tenant Settings:

" The Auth0 rules engine uses webtask.io underneath. We opened up the webtask container so you can build apps and extensions on top of webtask. This is included for free for a limited time as part of your Auth0 subscription."

I am on a free plan and I haven’t found anything about webtask containers feature in Auth0 docs. How long does a free plan have access to this feature?

I have one pre-sign up hook that is running in this container and I wonder if my application will break at some point as a result of webtask container being deleted.

Thanks for your help.

Don’t worry, your hooks and rules will always keep running.

What that sentence is referring to is that the underlying technology on which hooks and rules are based on, have previously been opened for customers to use in other ways than our out of the box rules and hooks.
This was offered in a way that a customer could register an account at webtask.io and build addons similar to what hooks do, but entirely own custom logic (=extensions) . However, this offering of webtask.io has been deprecated, but it does not affect the usage of hooks and rules in any way.

So, short answer: nothing to worry about it (your hooks and rules).

Thanks Mathias. You’ve put me at ease.

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