Help with Auth0 implementation approach


I just created a trial account with Auth0 and trying to see if this would work for my use case.
We have a Drupal ‘headless’ backend serving as a Content API to multiple consumer applications (Reactjs).

I am still not quite clear on the workflow auth0 uses so I thought I’d ask here a few questions, maybe someone can help me out:

  • Our applications have a lot of profile data like university you studied, degree you took, etc. Would this be stored in an auth0 profile? If so, how do users update it?
  • Assuming I still need to maintain a user database for the above reasons, with mappings to auth0 ids, does auth0 provide a way to retrieve the user id for the local database? That is, imagine the following workflow, leveraging the auth0 Drupal module:
  1. User opts to sign up in the react app and gets shown the auth0 screen
  2. This calls the callback url on my Drupal backend, creates the user and logins him in
  3. Question: How do I take the user back to the react webpage? And is that response/redirect able to carry the newly created drupal uid (so the app can use it)

The ideal scenario for me is to have a way for users to login/register in React with the minimum dev effort possible but its critical they have profile edit capabilities with all the fields they need to edit.

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance!

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