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Auth0 custom sign up/in page for react app

Hi, nice to meet you.

I have selected authentication api for the category but am not sure it is right.
Anyway let me explain the issue with auth0 integration in my react app.
I have built the UI for sign up/in. So what is the best way to integrate auth0 in this case?
NOTE: I need Sign Up/In with Google as well. No backend yet.

Hello @erensmaikel87 and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Have you reviewed this doc on Universal Login Customization? I’d imagine you’re solution may fall under the category of:

“a custom user interface that you have created which directly ties into the Authentication API.”

I’m going to offer these resources for Universal Login over an Embedded Login, as it sounds like you may be interested in the latter. In general we recommend using the Universal Login page whenever possible but if this isn’t the case then one could use cross-origin authentication to get user credentials and make a cross origin request to the authorization server. It’s worth noting that this comes with certain security risks that should be evaluated prior to setting up.

In short there’s a number of ways you can bring Auth0 into your React project, it’s more a matter of which process aligns mostly closely with your ideal UX and security concerns.

Best Regards,

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Hi @colin.coutts, thanks for your reply.

Actually I am gonna use my own UI for sign up/in page. Also the user info should be protected securely.
In this case, what is the fast and easy way to integrate auth0 in my react app?
Additionally please note that I am gonna export those user infos into activecampaign(CRM)

Hi @erensmaikel87,

Sounds good, if that’s the case there was a similar community post that goes a bit deeper into implementing that login flow here. Please review that thread and if you have further questions I’ll be happy to help.

Best Regards,

Hello @colin.coutts,

Thanks for your helpful response. I have researched more about custom login yesterday and so I am on using auth0-js. But still need some help of yourself for auth0.js file. I have tested auth0-spa-js and it is working well. So I need to change the auth0.js that used auth0-spa-js by using auth0-js.
Does that make sense? Please message me as soon as possible.

Thank you

Hi @erensmaikel87,

Apologies to my delay in repsonse. I may need some clarification concerning your request. Are you asking how to migrate what you’ve done with auth0-spa-js to auth0.js? In other words, how to replicate the login flow of auth0-spa-js but leveraging auth0.js instead?

If you can speak to the specifics that you need help with, or the errors you’re encountering I may be able to help sort that out with you.