Using the Auth0 apis to sign up, log in and refresh a token

Hi - we already have Auth0 in place using the standard web login o our apps. We’d like to build our own screens however and would like to use the Auth0 apis to accomplish user sign up, log in and refreshing a token. The docs on this are a bit sparse though so I’d like some clarity on which endpoints I can use.
As far as I can see, to login you would use ‘oauth/token’ but which endpoints are for signing up and for refreshing a token you’ve already got from sign up or log in? We use user name and password authentication. Thanks.

Hi @ed12,

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This topic covers a few of the options:

A big factor will be whether or not you want to customize the hosted login page to suit your needs, or you want to embed the login page in a page you host (we don’t really recommend this, but it’s possible).