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How do I implement a custom UI Login instead of using lock?


Are there any tutorials that could help me for a React app custom login. Do I use the custom template from the hosted pages and copy my code from there and put it into my react app or do I use the web sdk and how hard is it to implement.
Thanks in advance

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Hey there @johnjmac49!

So there are actually a few ways to achieve that.

1) You can either use one of our SDKs to make it happen (relatively the easier way):

2) Create the UI yourself and tie it with our Authentication API hitting the right endpoints:

Depends on what are your development capabilities and time resources. Here you can read more about Lock vs custom UI:

Hope it helps!

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How hard is it to create a custom UI instead of using lock?

Thank you for your help


No worries! We’re here for ya :slight_smile:

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