How to build a custom UI for password-less Universal login


I’m trying to build a custom UI in React for password-less login, so we have a custom screen for email input and auth code input. I see that Universal Login is recommended so I’m trying to understand how that really fits into a custom UI for password-less. As I understand it, Universal Login requires a redirect to a central login screen, so I’m struggling to see how that experience works with a custom UI.

Reading the docs, I’m a bit confused by this statement:

  • Universal Login + Custom UI + Auth0.js SDK allows you to build your own UI. To learn about Auth0.js configurations for passwordless connections, read Auth0.js v9 Reference.

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the linked docs which explains how to use Universal Login with a completely custom UI and using the SDK. This section specifically sounds like Embedded Login, not Universal.

Can someone point me in the direction of some instructions on how to use a custom UI with Universal Login? Or maybe clear up my misunderstanding?

Thanks in advance,

Has anyone found an answer to this? I’m trying to achieve the same thing and it would be really useful to hear from someone with more experience.


My take is that this is not possible due to technical limitations of Auth0