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Hello Everyone! I am new to auth0 and I’m trying to implement it within my react application. How does my application know who has logged in so I can pull relevant user data from my database after auth0 authentication. So the user hits login —> authenticates (or creates a new account) via auth0 —> get redirected to my app (the page i specify in settings) but how does my application know who has logged in? Thanks!

Hi @tandan,

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The ID token will provide your react app with information about the user.

Take a look at our quickstart that walks through the Auth0 React SDK.

Thanks Dan! I will take a look.

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Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Hey Dan, I was able to pull the user data per the instructions in the React SDK… currently, the name of the user is the email address. is there a way to have auth0 ask for the name or perhaps make a post request to update the name into the users profile? Also, I have required username, but im unable to get it to render in the profile component?

You can send a patch request to update the user’s name with the update users endpoint.

This should be done from your backend/API.

Can you show us what you are doing and why it is not working? Is it being returned in the token?

Hi Dan, I have configured my sign in to ask for a username. Im simply trying to pull the username into my page. The name and image are being pulled fine and are being rendered. I have used conditional rendering to show the login/logout button. Perhaps, its not possible to pull the username this way, and i would need to fetch this information?

Is it available in the ID token?

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