Wordpress - Can I use plugin, without adding users to the database?

I want to use the plugin, without creating users to the WP database. I am thinking I can save the token in a cookie, and then retrieve the information, when I want to use it.

It is only in one specific scenario where the user info is saved, so it is not a problem, if I have to make an API call to get the info. We are just really not interested in having our users saved in the WP database.

Alternative is to create users without saving the information on them, and then just have one field saved on the user, that I can use to pair it with, and fetch the information that way around. Seems like a bigger workaround, but probably doable.

Note: I am all new to Auth0, so if I am missing a obvious solution to this, please feel free to slap me in the face with it :sweat_smile: