WordPress Plugin - can I use without WP user creation

I have a WordPress test site using the Auth0 plugin which is working but I don’t want the users to be created in the WP database. I basically want to use the Lock facility as we have another web application using SSO which the WP can then call APIs to retrieve User info for that application which we will display on the WordPress website. Is this possible with the plugin or would I have to write my own code using your libraries (which I think I’ll have to).
We would still want the normal WordPress login for editors of the WordPress website.

I hope this makes sense, I am a complete Auth0 novice, but trying to get my basic understanding correct before I delve into the code.

Many thanks for any pointers

Hey there @helen1 and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

I apologize for the delay in response. To use the lock capabilities in such a fashion you would need to leverage an app you constructed with it’s own codebase and add in the Lock library. I hope this aids you on your quest but if you find you have more questions down the road please let us know!

On a side note we just released an Auth0 Wordpress Plugin Video Walkthrough that could be handy to look at! Check it out below:

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