Migrate wordpress database into existing Auth0 databae

Please help, I am pulling my hair out doing this. I have an existing auth0 database with about 80k users. I need to integrate a wordpress database of about 8k users into this same auth0 database.

We need existing auth0 users to be able to access the site as well as the current wordpress users to be able to login and be migrated to auth0,

We followed the directions found here - https://auth0.com/docs/cms/wordpress/user-migration
This requires you to set up a new database, which we did. So now we have two databases the original one of 80k users and a new one where the wordpress users will migrate into. The problem is the wordpress auth0 plugin only allows you to connect to one database connection. if I connect to our legacy database (80k users) they can login fine, but our wp users can’t. If I connect to the new database, the migration works fine but our legacy users can’t login.

I tried to manually migrate our users but I can’t get the migration extension to work and I can’t get the api link to work. Please help!

Hi @alicia_make,

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Sorry to hear about your frustrations, let’s see if we can alleviate them.

If all of your 8k wordpress users are in an auth0 db we should be able to do a bulk migration to the 80k db fairly painlessly :crossed_fingers: .

A couple of questions for you:

  • Are all of your wp users migrated to the auth0 db successfully?
  • What issues (error codes) are you running into with the bulk migration extensions and endpoint?

Let me know!

Hi Dan, thank you so much for replying. We have not yet been able to migrate the 8k wordpress users into an Auth0 db. That is the major issue. We want to allow

a) users of the existing wp site *8k) to be added to the auth0 db as they login
b) existing users of auth0 who are both on the wp site and on the legacy db (80k) to login


I see. Do you have an enterprise account? The migration you linked uses custom db, an enterprise feature. Otherwise you will need to do a bulk migration.

We are currently on a legacy developer account that does allow us to create a custom DB. Currently we have two db’s legacy (the 80k) and a custom db for migration. We were told by auth0 support that the wp auth0 plugin only allows for one db connection.

I tried a bulk migration, the issue with that is we are on wordpress which uses md5. I used the php function password_hash to convert the password from md5 to bcrypt. When I tried to import this I was told by support they won’t accept it because it started with a $2y$

I have worked on bulk import API. We import around 1.3 million users at Auth0 using import job. You need to create a job which will import all you users to Auth0. If you need further details send me DM, i can help you in that.

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Auth0 now supports importing hashes with a number of different algorithms, including MD5.