Importing users with a password scheme unsupported by Auth0

I’m working for a customer that wants to use Auth0 as an IdP. A previous developer had set up everything via Wordpress, which uses the PHPass library to generate password hashes, which is not supported by Auth0.

Here are the constraints of the project:

  1. Existing users need to be pre-imported into Auth0’s default password database.

  2. It has to use Auth0 developer/basic tier. Anything locked behind pro or enterprise is off the table. There are only 200 users anyway.

  3. We can’t ask the customers to reset their passwords right off the bat. That’s horrible UX, and no one’s going to pay attention to a notice like that. (And they shouldn’t follow instructions like that anyway – it sounds like a phishing scam)

  4. Similar to 3, we can’t ask customers to re-register.

  5. The Wordpress site is a mess and already uses a non-standard login mechanism, so using the WP Auth0 Plugin is not possible.

I’ve spent about 2 weeks looking for a solution in forum posts, google results, medium stories (ugh), etc. All I’ve found are situations that don’t apply, APIs that are deprecated, and general sales-speak about how great Auth0 is.

Is what I’m tasked with even possible, or is the only way paying for enterprise features?

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Hi @webdevmatt,

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I’m sure you have come across this doc by this point. Does this not work for some reason?

Hi @dan.woda,

I have come across it and the issue is Step 6: “Now click the Custom Database tab and turn on Use my own database

The dashboard tells me this feature is only available for enterprise users. As the cost of the enterprise tier is not even advertised, we almost certainly can’t afford it.

Thanks anyway

OK, I give up. Here are some more reasons the plugin will not work for what I want:

  1. It does not do a bulk import.
  2. It does not work with the Ultimate Member WP plugin. (This plugin changes the login system)
  3. The plugin itself gets a 404 when trying to configure the Import Settings. Good job.

Basically, I would have to make my own system as well as my own “social” login plugin, since logging in with the management API is not supported (maybe? not clear on this).

So to paraphrase Jaime Lannister: if I have to do everything myself, why do I need you?

In the words of Daenerys Targaryen, “We are going to leave the world better than we found it.”

This forum is a place for civilized discussion, problem-solving, and Community. We don’t tolerate toxicity. I am happy to work on a solution with you, but you are going to have to put away the sarcasm and hostility.

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