How to import WordPress user passwords to auth0

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We are on the process of migrating from WordPress to auth0. To do so we are using user import/export extension while at the moment we are facing a problem with the user passwords. The password we get from WordPress is consists of 34 digits starting with $P$B always. Apparently, WordPress uses multiple hashing algorithms for password security which seems to be not supported by this extension. See supported algorithms here. Example of those algorithms are listed here. Just wanted to reach out and ask if anybody has an idea on how we could solve the current problem. Thanks in advance.

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It doesn’t look like we support the current WordPress password hashing scheme.

Have you looked into this solution:

Hey Dan,

I have seen the article. The suggested way uses custom databases which require paid plan. I wanted to be sure that the suggested way will work out if we subscribe to paid plans.

If you want to try it, you can set up a new account which will include a three week trial for almost all features.

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