Widget's footerText not appearing in Universal Login

I am trying to update the footerText, footerLinkText, and signupActionLinkText for my login-id prompt via Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > Custom Text.

I can see my text update in the Custom Text Preview

But when I actually go to my app, I can’t see any footerText.

I have tried to troubleshoot via the following steps:

  1. Multiple browsers
  2. Cleared my cache
  3. Checked with other developers on my team to ensure they are seeing the same login experience as me
  4. Verified that the Customize Password Reset Page and Customize Login Page toggle/switches are turned OFF.

Is this related to my “Identifier First” Authentication Profile?
Is this something that I can only add via the Management API? If yes, why?

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the footer text won’t appear inside of the widget. I just want to add a sign up link for new users.