Custom Text Is Not Showing Up

I’m not able to customize the texts on the login (and every other) screen of the New Universal Login. I have this warning on the top of the settings page and can’t understand how to move forward.

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Hi @eng-aa

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The warning that you see is okay. This is a notification for our users that these changes only apply to the New Universal Login.

Different keys apply to the other Authentication Profiles; for example, changing only the login prompt will only affect the Identifier + Password Profile. To see the outcome while having the Identifier First Authentication Profile, you will need to change the text for the “title” key for both the login-id and login-password prompts instead. Those are displayed for the Identifier First Authentication Profile, the first one when the Login widget is first demonstrated for the user to enter their email/username, and the second one if they belong to a database connection.

I hope this will help you!


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