Customising the New Universal Login Experience

Hi all,
I am trying to customise our Login/Signup pages to achieve the following.

  1. Additional fields on Signup for First and Last Name.
  2. Custom Title and Description Text on Login/Signup

I have achieved the first point using “additionalSignUpFields” in the Lock template of the New Universal Login.

I am unable to get the second point working. I have my API setup, tokens generated and am sending a put request to the ‘api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en’ endpoint with the correctly formatted data.

I’m getting the reply from the API with the correct data that I had sent but the Login is not showing the text that I need to see.

Can anyone help?
Many thanks

Hi @simon.wilder,

Check if your login page is customized in the dashboard. If so, the custom login will be used instead of the new universal login experience and your prompt custom texts will be ignored. To use the new universal login, make sure that you have this toggle disabled:

Thanks for the reply @ricardo.batista. Am I able to add the additionalSignUpFields via the API as well?
I need to have both the custom text as well as the additionalSignUpFields.


Hi @simon.wilder, sorry I overlooked the point about being able to use both at the same time. The new Universal Login Experience is still being developed so new features are always being added. Unfortunately, there are still some limitations to it:

The Signup page only lets users enter username / email / password, and does not offer the ability to prompt users to accept terms of service.

Since you want both the additionalSignUpFields and the text customization, you’ll need to use the Custom Login Page for now. You can then customize the text using languageDictionary, as shown here:

You can also check the available set of dictionary entries along with their default description here: