Adding custom SignUp Fields in New Universal Login Experience instead of using Lock (Auth0Lock) additionalSignUpFields

Hello Auth0 team,

I would like to add user’s name fields for sign-up in New Universal Login Experience.
If my understanding is correct, the New Universal Login Experience does not use Auth0Lock JS library, and there is no way via Auth0 Portal to customize Sign-up/Login page with New Universal Login template.

Do you have any way to customize the sign-up fields for New Universal Login Experience?

Best regards,
Shige Fukushima

Hello @liveInstantly, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

New ULP has limitations for custom signup:

Its mentioned in the above link:
“The Signup page only lets users enter username/email/password and does not offer the ability to prompt users to accept terms of service.”

However username can be added by enabling Requires Username in the Database connection of Auth0
it will provide you the option!

Let me know if this helps!



Hello Sid,
Thanks for your prompt reply! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.
I understood the current situation of the New Universal Login Experience UI.
We would like to capture the user’s First/Last name at the Sign-up process explicitly. The “Username” word is likely ambiguous for us.
So, according to your explanation, we will need to use the Lock UI to add the custom fields to the Sign-up process.

Do you have a plan to extend the New Universal Login feature so that we can customize the sign-up fields in the future?
The reason why I am asking is because I would like to get the benefits of New Universal Login Experience feature, such as PreUserRegistrationError class to tell more contextual help in the Sign-up process with custom Pre-hook.

Pre-hook customization
Pre-User Registration (

Best regards,
Shige Fukushima

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