Universal Login - custom signup options

I am attempting to add a name option to my universal login page here is the code:

var options = {
additionalSignUpFields: [{
name: “name”,
storage: “root”,
placeholder: “Enter your full name”,

I added the var options and connected it to the lock variable. Name shows up as a field. But now it says something went wrong when signing up. This occurs with the name option and when I reset the page to default. The signup works and creates a user but still presents an error. When you login it also presents an error.

Hey there!

Can you let me know which version of Universal Login are you using? Is it classic universal login or the new one?

I’m using the new Universal login page

Then unfortunately it’s not doable. You can read more on that here:

I’m just making sure. So I am able to add additionalSignUpOptions with the Classic Universal Login. If not what exactly did I need to use in order to use it?

Yes you can utilise that in Classic UL. Here’s more on that:

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Unfortunately i get the same error with the classic structure as well. The new signup box appears but “Something went wrong”. I do not know how to decode this error. I am giving name attribute a storage to root just as the tutorial has said. Is there something else necessary in order to get this signup to work properly.

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