Why we had to stop using auth0 due to dead end in password reset process and screen workflows

Auth had some caveats and we got around them with rules and user_appdata

but with regret we had to abandon Auth0 due to the workflow “user lost password/REset password”
it can be simply fixed and if so we wouild gladly come back…

here is the issue:

for the database conneciton/ on the universal login - the can click forgot password as shown and this is good.

then the next screen leads them to a dead end - they have to perform the reset from an email link in a seperate window which leads to a dead end in the broswer… an ok is shown.

for the current logn screen/reset - there is no backlink or login link for when they have done the new password reset so they are stuck - a user will not know to use Shift + backspace
there is no way to modify this template

ideally what should happen is they get emailed a code to do a reset and enter it on the same app login authentication form… and then add the new password and login…

they should not be sent to a different system/browser and then abandoned…

This is a potential user dead end and support overhead and lacking design workflow. It is unacceptable use experience so this simple tiny detail means auth0 fails to provide a tenable login authentication experience.

for the last form/screen modification required:

  1. simple login or App backlink would be the a fix. 5 out of 10 for that.
  2. the best ideal a text box to enter a code received in a reset password email
  • then they enter the new pwd + confirmation entered here same screen
  • then a login with that new Pwd… all in the same workflow and context - 10 out of 10

please let us know when you have provided something a user with very basic pc skills can use your the login and reset workflow and we will come back

many thanks


Hi @tomleeson1971,

Thank you for providing detailed feedback on your experience using our product. We use feedback like this to make changes to every facet of our product, including UI/UX like you have outlined.

I am sorry to hear you are dissatisfied to the extent that you are, and would like to let you know that we value your time and the information you have shared.

I would like to encourage you to submit a link to this topic and your information to our feedback page. This is a direct communication with our product team and we will reach out with further questions. If you are not able to do so, I would be happy to submit a ticket on your behalf if you would DM me with your name, tenant name, and an email you could be contacted through.

Many of our customers who need custom flows or UX/UI will use the PATCH /api/v2/users/{id} endpoint of the management api to achieve their specific needs. I know it is not an out-of-the-box solution, but it may be worth considering if you are trying to stay with Auth0 and do not want to roll your own.

Again, thank you for the feedback.

Kind Regards,

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