Something went wrong during forgot password flow

I have an interesting issue happening with our users. We’re implimenting auth0’s new style lock to auth users. We have a custom db connection setup to login and reset passwords. When testing the password correctly updates and I get a success message, same if I edit a users password directly through the auth0 users interface. However, when users use the “forgot password?” link after entering a new password they get a message “Something went wrong, please try again”… further the password does get changed! So it does work but it says it doesn’t… which has caused much confusion.

Any ideas why? In logs it displays that the password reset didn’t work either but it’s non-descriptive and only says “The operation cannot be completed. Please try again.”

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Hi @nexstar,

Can you please DM me a HAR of the described behavior?


@dan.woda We actually were able to resolve this by using the ‘customized password reset page’ option and selecting reset to default. The interface is a little different when resetting passwords, it look like the “old” lock style window which doesn’t indicate anything went wrong. It’s not a big deal for us to have a slightly different interface for resetting passwords but it would be nice to use the ‘new’ style.

Glad you found a solution. For the record, you didn’t need to customize the pw reset page, you simply reset it?

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No, I didn’t customize anything. We just hit reset and left it as is. I think it’s because the default custom pw reset page is the default for lock.


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