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How to use Password Reset w/Custom Login UI



I just finished up writing our Custom Login UI which now works great using the Auth0 SDK. However, I went to implement the password reset page as well under Hosted Pages, but I cannot figure out how to initiate a password-reset from our Login page. We have an anchor () but I have no idea what URL to go to to begin the reset process. This seems like something very simple so I’m not sure why its not documented on the Password Reset page in the docs. Could someone explain to me how it works?



@matt.hintzke to trigger a “password reset” auth0 exposes an endpoint called Change Password:

The way Lock does this is puts a link on the login page that changes the view requesting the user to enter an email. Then it issues a request to the endpoint above. At which point, the user will receive and email (if account exists). Once the user clicks on the password reset link in the email they will be taken to a password reset page.


Ok that makes sense, but in the Hosted Pages section I have the ability to use a “Custom Password Reset” page. Is that the page the user lands on to begin the password reset flow? Or is that some other page? I am trying to figure out how that page plays a part in this.


@matt.hintzke that is the page the user will land on only after they click the password reset link we send them by email. In otherwords you won’t link directly to that page. Your hosted login page kicks off an email flow.


Ahhh ok that makes sense. So I am responsible for making the initial API request to send the email from the Custom Login page. I will do that! Thanks a lot!


Yes that is correct! Best of luck. Just reply here if you have any other questions on this.