Customizing the password reset page

So I’ve gone and customized the login page to match my websites, design and naturally wanted to to do the same for the password reset page except all the logic appears to be tied up in the

widget, I see no where within the Universal Login Panel > Password Reset pane that shows me any kind of JS to wire up to the HTML I wish to write.

Am I missing something here?

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*tied up in the change-password-widget-container widget

Hello Auth0, I have essentially this same question so I’m choosing to reply to this relatively recent, existing post. Here is a bit more detail:

  • We found no solid documentation for customizing one’s own Password Reset page (as opposed to the HLP, for which there is more plentiful documentation)
  • We found this open-source example repo from an Auth0 employee:
  • In the above repo, it mentions the following: " Auth0 doesn’t have a public API for creating a custom password reset. However, the existing Auth0ChangePassword widget does a From POST to the Auth0 /lo/reset endpoint. This project is a recreation of that widget to provide more control over the look and feel of the application".

So my specific questions are:

  1. Is this still the best approach for allowing complete (UI/UX) customization of one’s Password Reset page?
  2. Should we be worried about Auth0 at any point eliminating the /lo/reset endpoint?

Just a bit of feedback, this Password Reset page still appears to be somewhat of a 2nd-class-citizen so to speak, in the overall toolbox provided by Auth0.

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Hi there @sammunro100 and @Joe_Tillotson, I apologize for the delay.

We have documentation on the Password Reset page here, do you feel that it can be enhanced in any way, shape, or form?

Will share this with the team and see what feedback I can find from this. Thanks!

Hey @James.Morrison, thanks for speedy reply, much appreciated.

do you feel that it can be enhanced in any way, shape, or form?

IMO that page is generally well written and accurate, but it’s really most useful if as an Auth0 customer you want to either use the stock Password Reset page, or want to make customizations to the page using (what it calls) the “Password Reset Widget”. We went this route at first to make straightforward changes like color scheme, brand/logo, minor wording changes, etc.

There is a link to another page (towards the very top) using the words “customize the page” that links the reader to this page: This page however, is all about describing complete customization to one’s HLP are possible.

For some technical reasons we needed to completely customize our HLP (example: simultaneously allowing both username and email based login with custom form validation) and so we went the full distance and also completely customized its look and feel. This lead us to completely customizing the Password Reset page to match our HLP, which then lead us to the open-source repo linked to above.

So I think my 2 questions above are still relavant, with number 2 being the more important. Here is a quote from the README of the open source repo:

The Auth0 /lo/reset endpoint is considered a private API and is subject to change at any time and is not documented API. This demo was built using Chrome Developer Tools to analyze the traffic to achieve the desired result.


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