I need to customize the UI of the Password Reset Page

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use this open source approach I saw here?

Seems to let me do what I need to do … but it is from 2017…

Hey @jhan,

Have you tried using the customization option that’s available in the Auth0 dashboard?

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Hello Mauricio,
I did look at those docs. However, we want to create a customized visual page. For example. We want the label outside of the input button and put css in the page that will add padding and widths to the label and input buttons. It doesn’t seem like that’s a customization option option. Unless I’m missing something? If I am, can you please provide an example?

Hey @jhan,

I now understand what you mean. Basically, you would like to have more customization options within the theme param that you can pass to Auth0ChangePassword.

Unfortunately, that’s not available at the moment.

It’s worth mentioning that @sgmeyer’s repo should continue to work, given how Auth0ChangePassword works behind the scene. However, it’s also worth mentioning that the /lo/reset endpoint doesn’t have customer-facing support and it’s not affected by our SLAs. This means that its interface could potentially change without notice, breaking the functionality of your custom page.

Our Product team is aware of this gap in functionality for our Password Reset Page, and while it’s not confirmed at this point, there’s a few initiatives that could open more options for customization of said page in the future.


We are too looking for way to customize the password reset page, but on our hand we need full customization of the html. Just like the login page allows to do.
If we supply our own custom html for the login page, we have to give the user the same look and feel on the password reset page, or else it just looks like a broken ux… :frowning:
Is there an actual ETA for allowing this sort of full customization ?
Or should we use the @sgmeyer’s repo as an example for our needs?


Hey there @revital.k!

Unfortunately I believe there’s no ETA on that.