Custom UI for Password Reset without using the change-password-widget-container

Hi. I have already created a custom built Login UI by following the SDK for web. However, I am quiet lost here on how to customize the password reset form without using the change password widget.

On this doc:
it stated that Edit the Password Reset Page:
Once you’ve enabled the customization toggle for the Password Reset Page, you can use the built-in text editor to change its HTML, style the page using CSS, and change the JavaScript used to retrieve and display custom variables. Be sure to Save any changes you make.

But how can I customize/ style it without going inside this div id=“change-password-widget-container”?

I’m in the same boat! Please help…

Rather than having new Auth0ChangePassword which will control the look and feel of the UI, I want to have the ability to customize these elements myself and then call something like:

new auth0.WebAuth(...).changePassword(email, newPassword);

Thanks in advance

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Any updates on this. I have the same kind of usecase

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We are facing similar issue, Any solution would be helpful.

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We have the same problem. Contemplating abandoning Auth0 if not addressed soon. UI becomes odd for password reset as we can’t make it consistent with our customized login

I believe I have a similar problem, as I want to customize the html/css of the widget itself but not sure where to look to change it.